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As leaders in the property leasing and management industry, Marbella Property Management strives to offer you the best in enhancing the benefits of your property. With our excellent customer service and extensive services throughout California, we offer comprehensive solutions for your property needs. At Marbella Property Management, we are proud to extend our services west of the Santa Clara Valley to Saratoga, California.


What We Offer

Marbella Property Management excels in helping our clients to effectively and lucratively lease their properties while knowing rest assured that our top-notch property management services are taking the best care of our clients’ important investments. In addition to our property management Saratoga clientele, we attract international clients with the services we provide.


Property Leasing

Acquire peace of mind when you allow us to prepare you and your property for rent. Our property leasing services starts by conducting a thorough walk through your property and identifying safety concerns. We can address those concerns to minimize liability once they have been identified. Next, we will identify necessary repairs and possible improvements such as roof damage versus updating appliances. After your property has been reevaluated, we will establish the highest possible rent.

The fun begins once a price has been set for our team will begin marketing your property. To respective renters, we will advertise creatively across numerous mediums in addition to extending our relationships with our various relocation organizations as well as targeting a pre-existing database with respective clients.

As we end the leasing process, our team of experts will showcase your property during the day, in the evening and on weekends until a respective renter has made an offer. During the final stages of the leasing process, we will meticulously screen qualified tenants.


Rental Property Management

Marbella Property Management is driven by efficient and effective communication. Clients and their respective tenants can expect a prompt response regarding their questions or concerns. In addition, we will perform routine property inspections with the intentions of preserving the value of your investment. This entails routine maintenance that is catered specifically to the needs of your property. Next, we will establish a rapport with tenants to ensure your property is being taken care of with the respect you expect. In addition, we offer on-call availability to handle emergencies or concerns as they occur.

At Marbella Property Management, our property management service focuses on the accounting aspect, which entails the following:

  • Rent collection
  • Monthly reports to propertyowners
  • Preparation of annual tax statements

To ensure rent will be collected in a timely manner, we will ensure that late rent will be penalized. When rent has been collected, it will automatically deposit to the property owner’s respective bank account. In addition, owners can expect an itemization that consists of income and budgeted expenses routinely every month.


High Points of Saratoga

The suburban small-town atmosphere is driven by exquisite wineries and high-end restaurants. The charm of Saratoga as well as its stable economy make the small city an excellent place for real estate investments. Popular attractions that draw in locals and visitors and boost the economy include:

  • Montalvo Arts Center – Home to the historic Villa Montalvo, visitors can enjoy a park and hiking trails as they immerse themselves in Saratoga’s culture.
  • Hakone Gardens – The gardens were recently recognized as one of the oldest Japanese-style gardens in the entire Western Hemisphere.
  • Mountain Winery – Known for its excellent wine and popularized by Orson Welles, this winery adds to the city’s vibrant culture


Schedule a Consultation

At Marbella Property Management, we believe it is just as important to listen as it is to be heard. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and witness first-hand how our team will exceed your expectations.