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Welcome to Palo Alto

Marbella Properties, Property Management Team hasyears of experience leasing and managing homes in Palo Alto. The PropertyManagement Team of Marbella Properties assists homeowners in leasing their homesto highly qualified tenants.Marbella Properties,Property Management Team has accomplished this by developing an extensivenetwork of Real Estate and Relocation Agents within Palo Alto and thesurrounding area.In addition, MarbellaProperties has developed relationships with Corporate Relocation Managers atvarious Silicon Valley businesses. These valuable connections help us find theright tenants for our clients’ homes.Ifour clients need repairs and upgrades, we have a long list of trusted vendorswe use to keep our client’s homes well maintained and cared for.

Palo Alto is the central economic focal point for SiliconValley. It is the home of manytechnology and social media companies as well as a hub for entrepreneurs andventure capitalists from around the world.Stanford University and many well-know research facilities are alsolocated in Palo Alto.

Visitors can enjoy a walk through downtown or one of themany tree-lined streets.They can alsospend the day shopping in the local boutiques and eating in any one of thefabulous restaurants.

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