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Emerging at the forefront of property management in Mountain View, California, Marbella Property Management goes the extra mile to ensure both quality of service and customer satisfaction. As a leader in the California property leasing and management industry, we are proud to offer our services to Mountain View, CA.


What We Do

We recognize the many difficulties and concerns that clients face when attempting to manage or lease their own properties, which is why our services as a management and property leasing company aim to provide clients with more time to focus on other things, while resting assured that their property, relationship with tenants, and finances are being taken care of properly.


Leasing Services

Coming with our years of experience in the industry, our most important asset is our local knowledge. We understand the immense value of residencies located in the heart of Silicon Valley, but we also understand that owning a property doesn’t always leave time for leasing and managing it. At Marbella Property Management, we provide leasing services, from pricing consultation to schedule walk-throughs.


Rental Property Management Services

We are committed to our clientele and want to make sure your experience with property management is customized to your property, your tenants, and your needs as a property owner.

We offer a variety of services in the line of property management, including:

  • On-call Availability
  • Rent Collection and Profit Disbursement
  • Annual Tax Statement Preparation
  • Reports on Revenue and Expenses
  • Monthly Statements on Profit and Loss
  • Customized Maintenance Coordination to fit the needs of each property
  • 24-hour Maintenance Line to Handle Emergencies

In addition to our myriad services, we are committed to establishing and maintaining good relationships with tenants to ensure that your property is kept in good shape, in addition to routine inspections of the property in order to preserve the value of your investment. Our twenty-four-hour maintenance line makes certain that any damage to the property can and will be taken care of in a timely, effective manner.


High Points of Mountain View

Besides the lovely, warm Mediterranean climate and mild winters, in addition to the wide variety of wonderful public and private schools, tenants experiencing the luxury of properties located in Mountain View, California are sure to enjoy:

  • Castro Street: This downtown area is home to myriad high-end stores and restaurants and host of the annual Mountain View Art & Wine Festival.
  • Shoreline Park: Built for the community, it includes the Shoreline Amphitheater, Shoreline Golf Coarse, and the historical Rengstorff House, which is open for guided tours on select days.
  • Eagle Park: This beautiful park is home to a lovely memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives fighting in World War II.
  • The Computer History Museum: This unique museum is specifically impressive due to the fact that Mountain View is one of many areas encompassed under the name of Silicon Valley. This museum boasts the largest collection of computing artifacts in the country.
  • Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts (MVCPA): Located in the heart of the downtown area, this center is the host of ballets, touring comedians, and theatrical productions.


Call for a Consultation Today

When making the decision to lease your property, selecting a management company that is dependable, cost-effective, and knowledgeable can be incredibly difficult. At Marbella Property Management, we guarantee quality, fair prices, and expertise in everything we do. In order to make the most of our property management Mountain View services, please feel free to call or email Schedule a consultation today and take advantage of the many services we have to offer.

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