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Here at Marbella Property Management, it is our utmost concern to provide quality service and to ensure client satisfaction. We understand that each individual property hosts its own unique set of benefits and concerns, which is why we consistently make it a priority to cater specifically to the unique needs of the beautiful Woodside area. Not every property and not every tenant is the same, which is why our property management Woodside services are tailored to our clients.


What We Offer

Our services make it easy for clients to rest assured that their property, finances, and tenants are all being taken care of properly, and that they as owners are getting the most out of their property. As leaders in the California real estate industry, our services help clients to lease their properties while we manage their rental properties.


Leasing Services

To help you reap the most benefits from your investment, we offer leasing services. From drawing on our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry to help you establish the best possible leasing prices, to coordinating and conducting walk-throughs, our leasing services make it easy for you to rent your property.


Rental Property Management

In order to preserve the value of your investment, we heavily prioritize the establishment and maintenance of relationships with tenants. This ensures tenant transparency when it comes to property damage or financial difficulties, and allows our company to quickly dissolve these issues.

In addition to this, we also complete routine property inspections to maintain constant awareness of the state of the property. Our twenty-four-hour maintenance line is another investment in the care of each property. It allows us to timely and effectively attend to any emergency damage caused to the property, instead of just having to wait as it gets worse.

Our myriad services include:

  • Customized Maintenance Coordination to fit the needs of each property
  • Annual Tax Statement Preparation
  • On-call Availability
  • Twenty four hour Maintenance Line
  • Revenue and Expense Report/Monthly Profit and Loss Statements
  • Rent Collection and Profit Disbursement

In addition to our myriad general property management services, we also take care to customize our services to the needs of the clientele.


High Points of Woodside

Properties located in Woodside are a unique type. In addition to our years of experience managing properties, our most important asset is our local knowledge. We understand the immense value of residencies located in an area with so much nature and with such rich biodiversity. Between the beautiful parks and the impressive collection of wineries, residents of Woodside, California are certainly some of the luckiest in the country, and the real estate in this area is unbeatable.

Those residing in Woodside, California are definitely appreciative of the countless activities and sights available to them, including:

  • Huddart County Park:

This lovely park contains barbecue pits, playgrounds, and countless hiking trails accessible by certain motor vehicles, pedestrians, and horses. It is also home to beautiful redwoods characteristic of the area.

  • Wunderlich Park:

This park as well can host horses as well as pedestrians on its many trails that span almost one thousand acres. While pets aren’t allowed, which helps to keep it clean, there are many picnic tables to enjoy on a nice day.

  • Thomas Fogarty Winery:

One of the most beautiful vineyards and winery’s in the United States. This winery often hosts wedding receptions and luxurious wine tastings in their famous Tasting Room.

With so much to offer, Woodside is an excellent place to lease properties, and we can help you make the most of your investments while managing all the rental details so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.


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At Marbella Property Management in Woodside, California, our commitment is to the client in ensuring that their property and their tenants are taken care of in a way that is cost-effective and high quality. In order to schedule a consultation today, call or email and take advantage of the many services we have to offer.

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